The National Road Show

The Think Beyond a Job movement is all about the promotion and encouragement  of entrepreneurship as a viable career option in South Africa. The movement will peak at the Think Beyond a Job National Road Show. The roadshow will be hosted in the nine major cities over a one month period.

This interactive breakfast event is both inspiring and informative and designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs in a practical ‘how-to’ format to start a business with little or no money and succeed.

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Morning Programme


What is included?

An interactive educational and inspirational morning breakfast seminar series will be hosted. The focus will be on the practical, ‘how-to’ steps to become an entrepreneur, succeed as an entrepreneur and how to start a business with no money or with what you have.

All delegates will receive a copy of Mike Anderson’s latest release “The secret to achieving greatness – How to be the next business legend”.

The opportunity to network and make connections with like-minded business professionals and entrepreneurial inclined individuals.